Firmness guide

When it comes to selecting a mattress, it's important to reflect on your past experiences of sleeping well and poorly. Think about the times when you slept really well and what type of surface you were on. You can also consider the times when you had a terrible sleep and the conditions of the mattress. Try to recall if it was firm, soft, if you sank into the mattress, or if it felt like sleeping on the floor.

Futons comparing to pocket spring mattresses are starting at the end of firmness scale of pocket spring mattresses.

In firmness scale from 1 to 10 where 10 is firm for pocket spring mattresses, medium futons are starting at about 7,8 in scale of pocket spring mattresses. Their elasticity is rather low due to lack of elastic elements like springs.

  1. Medium (7): is designed to provide a balanced level of support and comfort. It is often recommended for back sleepers and offers good spinal alignment.

  2. Medium-Firm (8): more support and less sinkage. It is suitable for back sleepers and some stomach sleepers who need additional support.

  3. Firm (9-10): offer minimal sinkage, designed for those who prefer a harder sleeping surface. They are often recommended for stomach sleepers and individuals with back pain who need extra support.